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Arima is a company who knows the importance of quality in boat building. You want to be in the water on something you know you can trust. Hand-skilled craftsmanship is something you just don’t get from boats mass produced by machines. Arima knows that only highly skilled professionals can make boats to match their standards and this is why they take great pride in every boat they produce.

They strive to produce only the highest quality boats that will bring a lifetime of satisfying boating experiences to the owner. Since 1979 when they created the Sea Hunter 15 they have been meeting the challenges of building great boats in a sometimes strained economy. Their line of seven fishing boats- from 15 to 19 feet – offer a variety of features and sizes to meet your needs.

SEA CHASER 16′, 17′, & 19′

The Sea Chaser comes in 16, 17 and 19-foot options and is called “the ultimate fishing machine”. It has a large fishing area and walk around deck so you have plenty of space to get around and maneuver. It also moves very well in the water and has a strong, durable hull allowing you to fish in many different areas, for the best experience. The versatility is one thing that makes the Sea Chaser so popular. It will also pull easily behind your car or RV so you can take it anywhere you go.

ANGLER 17′ & 19′

A sports fisherman’s dream, the Angler can be run efficiently with a light horse power to save you money at the pump but not sacrifice getting to the fish. An open boat allows for very little to get in between you and your catch. It can run, dive and jump while you wear it out.

SEA RANGER 17, 19 & 21

The Sea Ranger 19 & 21-foot Hard Top have a roomy 6’4” cabin with storage underneath the cushions and many other features for comfort and versatility. It has net storage and a portable head but a large cockpit so you have plenty of room to move and work about. The 17 and 19-foot soft top will allow you to feel the wind in your face or hide away in the weather. Built to never let you down in all types of waters.


The 21 foot Sea Ranger Explorer comes with many of the same standard features as the Sea Ranger, but bigger. This means it also has a proportionally bigger cabin so it’s great for longer trips or more people or if you just want to have more space for comfort. It maintains the same 8-foot beam, however. It has a quite ride because it is all foam-filled. It comes with all the great standard options as well as additional optional features. You can upgrade to a 2-10 gallon saddle tank assembly, hydraulic trim tabs, mini gallery cabinet, stove for the mini gallery, raw water washdown, upgraded seating and much more.


The largest vessel in the Arima line. With nearly 9’ beam and a true self bailing deck design she’s comfortable where ever you go. The sea legend is available in a full Pilot house design, Skip Tower design and an enclosed canvas design.