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Since 1948, Hewescraft has been the premier aluminum boat manufacturer in the western United States and they still continue to deliver excellent boats with the utmost quality to the US and Canada. Founder Bob Hewes started the business when he returned home from WWII and he and some friends wanted their own fishing boats. What began with aluminum sheets and raw materials has grown into a full-fledged business. Now, more than 60 years later, they are still making great boats based on that early hunger and desire to have a great fishing boat. That have many fantastic sport and leisure models, different sizes and nothing but the best in craftsmanship. A tradition of the highest level of craftsmanship and design goes into every fishing boat Hewes Marine Company creates. A Hewescraft is an heirloom you can put to use right now.

160, 180 & 200 OPEN FISHERMAN

Hewescraft prepared you for success on the Open Fisherman, thanks to the ‘form follows function’ mentality. Whether you’re navigating from your seat with a tiller handle or standing at a center console, every element is carefully portioned to provide optimum balance for driver and crew. The Fish have no where to hide.

160, 180 & 200 SPORTSMAN

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Sportsman is unmatched in it’s class and has been Hewescrafts best selling boat for more then a decade. With a rugged hull it’s hard to believe that it can have a bow this sleek and outstanding fuel economy to top it off. The Sports man is small enough to launch your own boat and safe for the whole family. If you’re looking for a great value, or a boat to pass on to your kids, this is where you start.

180 & 200 SPORT JET

Take your adventure farther with the shallow- water-proven Hewescraft Sport Jet. It comes with an inboard motor that sits no lower than our all-welded, shallow-draft hull, making this adrenaline-fueled powerhouse fully equipped to go upriver, through rapids, and into water as shallow as four inches—all at nearly 50 mph. So the next time you end up in skinny water, don’t turn back. Just keep chasing that perfect catch where few other boats can follow.

180 & 200 PRO V

Sometimes you just want to have a little more boat. The 180 and 200 Pro V boats fit this whether you’re on the lake or the river, you’re going to get more strength and more hull from these models. It has a strong, roomy design when compared to other models as well. It also has an aggressive V, a widen hull and increased fuel capacity.

190 & 210 SEA RUNNER

The Sea Runner is a very popular model from Hewescraft and is a great mid-size option in 18-21 foot varieties. You will get the versatility of a mid-size boat with the roominess and feel of a larger boat. It’s easy to manage in all types of waters but can also work well in offshore areas due to the deep-V hull.

220 & 240 OCEAN PRO

When you do your boating and fishing off the ocean, you might consider the Ocean Pro 22 or 24 footer. This gives you big performance for those big, choppy waters. You’ll easily see why fishing charter captains choose the Ocean Pro but it also comes with many great features and afford-ability for even the casual fisherman.


Sometimes you just want to make your home on the water and the Pacific Cruiser lets you do just that. With the high sides, a stable ride and plenty of extras for anglers, a spacious deck with a 40gal fish box and storage your fishing needs are met. Inside the cabin the family can relax in the V-berth with options to make it suit your needs such as a dinette and heater/stove you can make it right for you and your friends or family.


The name says it all. When weekends aren’t enough to discover the treasures of your coastline, the Pacific Explorer is ready for more. It’s exploding with amenities and options like a standard v-berth sleeping space, an enclosed toilet closet, a sink, a stove, and a convertible dinette/sleeper. Plus, the hull is Hewescraft’s biggest and meanest, and the fishing features are top-of-the-line. So whether you’re dropping crab pots, trolling for salmon, or anchored for the night in a sleepy, secluded cove, your trips will be remembered for many years to come.

240 & 260 ALASKAN

A tough job calls for a tough boat and the Alaskan fits that name and mission to a tee. Sometimes you need a tough boat to get you to where the big fish are and the Alaskan comes through with ample size and durability, rugged features and upgradable options. You will see why it is often chosen for charter fisher guides. The fish don’t stand a chance.